The Difference between TOEFL and IELTS

If you want to continue your studies, you might take an English proficiency test to enrol to the university. The most common tests used as the requirements of the university enrollment are TOEFL and EILTS.  In enrolling the university, you can check the requirement of the test that you should take before enrolling university at Consultar estudo.

So, what is a difference between TOEFL and EILTS? Both TOEFL and EILTS are the tests done to know how proficient you in understanding the English Language. The difference is only on the test and purpose. The TOEFL is a test that consists of listening, structure, reading, and optional writing which is aimed to take the study in the United States and some countries in Asia and Europe. While the EILTS is a test that consists of listening,  speaking, reading, and writing aimed to take a study in the UK and commonwealth countries. Hopefully, it will be helpful.