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Feline infectious enteritis Feline leukaemia virus Your vet can advise which vaccinations your cat or kitten will need to help protect them from infectious diseases. When you get your kitten, one of the first things you should do is register them with a local vet, who will be able to carry out the vaccinations your kitten needs. The average cost of fully vaccinating a cat or kitten in the UK is £73*. This includes the first and second course of vaccinations plus the FeLV vaccine. The average cost of an annual booster for your cat's vaccinations, including FeLV, is £49.55*. * Source: ManyPets 2021Cat and Dog UK vaccination study What vaccinations does my cat need?

Average price of initial vaccine courses and boosters from low-cost/ charity clinics: Initial vaccine course: £20. Booster vaccines: £18. Average price of initial vaccine courses and boosters from cat-only clinics: Initial vaccine course: £145. Booster vaccination: £80. UK cat owners pay an average cost of £52.6 for annual cat vaccinations including FeLV, with kitten owners paying £74.7 for the first 2 courses of injections, but prices can vary significantly and be lower for indoor cats. How much will you need to pay to keep your cat healthy? We've surveyed two dozen UK vets to find out.

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Cat flu Feline parvovirus Feline Leukaemia virus (if they go outside) To be fully protected, your cat will need a primary course of injections, and regular boosters throughout their life. What vaccines does my cat need? Core vaccinations: All cats in the UK, even indoor cats, need to be vaccinated against:

Cat flu (feline herpes virus and feline calicivirus) - this causes symptoms similar to human colds and flu such as sneezing, a snotty nose, painful or weepy eyes, fever, low energy, coughing and.

Litter Although some cats prefer to go to the toilet outside, we always recommend providing a permanent indoor litter tray. This will need to be scooped out daily to remove any soiled material and a complete wash and change at least once a week. Like food, litters can vary significantly in price. Routine health costs

Cat Advice Cat & Kitten Vaccinations Cat & Kitten Vaccinations A vaccination appointment is a chance for your cat to get a thorough physical health check, as well as offering them protection against a range of diseases.

Cat carrier We estimate that these 'set-up' costs total approximately £303. However, this doesn't include the cost of buying your cat. We recommend adopting from a reputable rehoming centre - most will neuter, vaccinate and microchip your cat. You can read our vets' advice on the best place to get your cat.

For this reason, core (recommended) kitten vaccinations start at 6-8 weeks of age and are boosted (repeated) every 3-4 weeks until the kitten is 16-20 weeks old. Core vaccines should be boosted one year after the initial series. Core vs. Non-Core Kitten Vaccines. Cat vaccinations are divided into two types:

In my experience, an initial set of kitten vaccinations is likely to cost around £65 with annual booster vaccines costing around £45. When will my kitten be able to go outside? Your kitten won't be fully protected until two weeks after their second vaccination. Until then, my advice is to keep them indoors and away from any unvaccinated pets.

Services Vaccinating Your Pet Vaccinating Your Pet All our practices offer routine vaccinations as part of their standard service and recommend cats, dogs and rabbits are protected against these diseases at an annual appointment. A vaccination appointment is much more than just a quick injection.

With veterinary fees on the up, some treatments could make a pretty hefty dent in your finances. According to Animal Trust, costs range from £89 for neutering a male cat, to £369 for an x-ray.

Here are the general cat vaccination guidelines to use as a starting point: Kittens (up to 1 year of age) 6-8 weeks: FVRCP (core) FeLV (core) 10-12 weeks: FVRCP (core; first or second shot) FeLV (core; first or second shot) 14-16 weeks: FVRCP (core; only if first shot given at 10-12 weeks)

Basic healthcare in cats Taking your kitten to the vet for the first time Choosing the right vet practice How to put your cat into a carrier — Page last updated 24/05/2023

The cost for these core vaccinations ranges from $40-$80 in total for the first year and then $20-$50 for each booster shot after that. Non-core vaccines for cats Non-core vaccines are only given to cats who are at high risk of exposure based on their location or lifestyle.

Kittens can be vaccinated from around eight weeks old. Two vaccines are usually needed - three to four weeks apart - to make sure kittens are well protected. A booster vaccine should also be given one year later to keep immunity levels high. Vaccination against rabies cannot start until 12 weeks of age.

Even better, it'll entitle you to £50 off a Complete Care plan at your local Vets4Pets.

The ideal age for your kitten's first vaccination is eight weeks (or between seven and nine weeks), with a second injection three to five weeks later. This will be for the core vaccines.. (up to 72p per minute when calling from the UK). 0330 678 1540 Contact us. United Kingdom Close Select your location

How Much Does a Maine Coon Kitten Cost? The average Maine coon price in 2023 is around $650 to $2,000, depending on several factors like: Location; Breeder; Sex; Color;. you need to provide your kitten with the right vaccinations to fight off harmful diseases. While nursing mothers pass maternal antibodies to their kittens through their milk.

In the United States, the HPV vaccine costs about $250; Gavi, which typically negotiates big discounts from pharmaceutical companies, was aiming to pay $3 to $5 per shot for the large volumes of.

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