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The LA Times has apparently received a response from the RIAA to Steve Jobs' essay yesterday, in which Jobs laid out three possible avenues for digital music, concluding that the third. Eddie Cue said: "The RIAA wants us to disable Audio Hijack Pro, because with it you could record any sound off of your Mac, any song, anything". Steve then turned to me and said: "Do you need.

The RIAA's response to Steve Jobs' "Thoughts on Music" Posted by Pierre Igot in: iTunes, Music, Technology February 13th, 2007 • 4:04 pm Much has already been written about Steve Jobs' ground-breaking " Thoughts on Music " essay posted on Apple's web site in early February. Mitch Bainwol, head of the RIAA, responded to Steve Jobs's "Thoughts on Music" by way of thorough agreement. No one seems to have the full Bainwol letter online, though the substance.

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A few days ago, Steve Jobs defended his company's decision to keep its FairPlay DRM exclusive to the iTunes store and iPod music players (among other things, such as declaring his preference.

Steve Jobs's "Thoughts on Music" essay is really quite a good piece of writing,. You honestly have to wonder whether the people running the RIAA are retarded. But the sharpest response to Jobs's essay goes to Microsoft: Jason Reindorp, marketing director for Zune at Microsoft, said Mr. Jobs's call for unrestricted music sales was.

Dear Macrovision: A Response to Responses to Steve Jobs' "Thoughts on Music" By Matt Buchanan Published February 16, 2007 Comments ( 17) Dear Fred Amoroso (and assorted other CEOs, etc.),.

Aparently, the fine folks at the RIAA misread Steve Jobs' Open Letter "Thoughts on Music" post yesterday. According to Engadget, the RIAA issued a response today stating that Jobs' offer to license FairPlay was a "welcome breakthrough" that would be a "real victory for fans, artists and labels.".

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A response to Steve Jobs' letter to the music industry & the RIAA regarding DRM.

I said: "Currently, yes!". So Steve Jobs told them to get lost, and I thought: "Hey man, thanks, Steve's on my side. That's cool.". Even 18 years on, I find this story rather terrifying. If not for an offhand conversation in which we had no involvement, things could have turned out very differently for our company.

So Steve Jobs told them to get lost, and I thought: "Hey man, thanks, Steve's on my side. That's cool." Adam Curry: His actual words were "fuck them" I mean, this is great, but as Kafasis says it's terrifying that it could have gone differently were it not for the whims of one man. And Jobs' decision was pragmatic, not principled.

Reprint: R1204F The author, whose biography of Steve Jobs was an instant best seller after the Apple CEO's death in October 2011, sets out here to correct what he perceives as an undue fixation.

And yes, while we agree that His Steveness is wrong when he says that movies should be exempt of the new DRM-free spirit in the iTunes Music Store, it sure takes some bollocks for the RIAA Senior.

The recording industry was quick to respond, indicating that it feels Apple, not DRM, is the problem, and urging Jobs to license its copyright-protection software, called FairPlay, to competitors. Individual music companies, such as EMI, have stepped into the fray as well.

Steve Jobs' recent letter about DRM has caused quite a stir, although people are still reading the tea leaves to determine exactly what Jobs thinks and why he's thinking it now. The RIAA's own tea.

Embrace multidisciplinary perspectives and focus on design are a few. This month marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Steve Jobs, a tireless tech visionary, an extraordinary innovator, and.

Thoughts on Flash. Steve Jobs in January 2010, a few months before the publication of "Thoughts on Flash". " Thoughts on Flash " is an open letter published by Steve Jobs, co-founder and then-chief executive officer of Apple Inc., on April 29, 2010. The letter criticizes Adobe Systems ' Flash platform and outlines reasons why the technology.

If you are interested in hearing Steve Jobs thoughts on music straight from the horses mouth, I suggest you head on over to Apple s website and read what the man himself had to say. The problem, of course, is that there are many smart people in the world, some with a lot of time on their.

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